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Title Year Author Type
AMSANT administration manual for Aboriginal primary health care services in the Northern Territory 2011 Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory Electronic source
Best practice camel book: an illustrated guide to the 2012 Australian Standard, Model Code of Practice and Standard Operating Procedures relevant to the humane control of feral camels 2012 Edited book
Clinical procedures manual for remote and rural practice 2009 CRANAplus Book
Clinical procedures manual for remote and rural practice 2014 CRANAplus Book
Community dog program handbook 2009 Burleigh, A.S. McMahon, S. Handbook
Community water conservation program guide 2011 Henderson, R. Abrahams, J. Report
Cultural orientation handbook 2009 Remote Area Health Corps Handbook
Dentistry in remote Aboriginal communities 2009 Nganampa Health Council Handbook
Minymaku Kutju Tjukurpa - women’s business manual 2014 Congress Alukura Book
Online remote primary health care manuals 2014 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Electronic source
The Central Australian remote landfill operating manual: for use in communities of the Barkly, MacDonnell and Central Desert Regional Councils 2013 Local Government Association of the Northern Territory Report
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