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Title Year Author Type
A journey into the Queensland forensic mental health system: Indigenous resource kit 2008 Queensland Forensic Mental Health Resource package
Aboriginal Australian Relations Program facilitator notes 2013 Nathan, P. Electronic source
Aboriginal mental health worker 2006 Northern Territory Department of Health Factsheet
Aboriginal wellness: growing strong, staying strong [workbooks] 2011 Ruah Community Services Resource package
Adult community mental health services: model of care 2010 South Australian Department of Health Report
Are you worrying about someone? Do you think they could use some help to cope better with life? 2010 Personal Helpers and Mentors Brochure
Australian Drug Information Network search directory 2012 Australian Drug Information Network Electronic source
Boodjarri business: maternal mental health resource for Aboriginal health workers 2008 WA Perinatal Mental Health Unit Booklet
Boodjarri business: working with Aboriginal mums, babies and families 2007 WA Perinatal Mental Health Unit Online multimedia
Bringing them home: human rights education resources for teachers 2010 Australian Human Rights Commission Resource package
CARPA standard treatment manual [5th ed.] 2010 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Book
Communicating with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander adolescent: guidelines for providing mental health first aid to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person 2014 Mental Health First Aid Australia Factsheet
CommunityMatters 2005 MindMatters Audiovisual
Continuous quality improvement tool: Aboriginal health in acute health services and area mental health services 2013 Victorian Department of Health Report
Coping with sorrow, loss and grief: a self-help resource to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people trying to cope with sorrow, loss and grief: toolkit 2010 Lifeline Information Service Booklet
Counselling interventions and Indigenous mental health 2004 Armstrong, T. Electronic source
Creating cultural empathy and challenging attitudes through Indigenous narratives 2012 Edith Cowan University Electronic source
Cultural competence in working with suicidality and interpersonal trauma 2009 Education Centre Against Violence Audiovisual
Evidence-based mental health promotion resource 2005 Keleher, H. Armstrong, R. Report
Glossary of healing terms 2011 Healing Foundation Factsheet
Handbook for counsellors - social and emotional wellbeing program: June 2012 2012 Australian Government Department of Health Handbook
Issues to consider for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations 2010 Mindframe Media and Mental Health Project Factsheet
KICA - Dep: Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive assessment - depression scale 2014 Western Australian Centre for Health & Ageing Checklist
Kimberley healthy adults project: guides for clinicians 2013 National Ageing Research Institute Report
Kinship module 2014 University of Sydney Electronic source
Let’s Start introductory video 2014 The Centre for Child Development and Education Audiovisual
LIFE Fact sheet 16 - Suicide prevention in Indigenous communities 2007 Living is For Everyone (LIFE) Factsheet
Making change? No worries! 2008 Nagel, T. Thompson, C. Flipchart
Makingthelink Indigenous program: promoting help-seeking for drug use and mental health issues among Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander high school students 2012 National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre Resource package
Mental health across cultures : a practical guide for health professionals 2009 Benson, J. Thistlethwaite, J. Book
Mental health made easy: brief, practical and effective tools for rural and remote settings 2013 Nagel, T. Griffin, C. Audiovisual
Mental Health Week 2011: Indigenous timeline fact sheet 2011 Edwards, T.E. Barrow, G. Factsheet
My story cards: a therapeutic tool for Aboriginal people 2011 Page, J. Resource package
Our health our way (3rd edition) 2012 arbias Report
Psycho-educational assessment of remote Indigenous students in the Northern Territory 2013 Edwards, S. Audiovisual
Psychology and Indigenous Australians: foundations of cultural competence 2009 Ranzijn, R. McConnochie, K. Nolan, W. Book
Reporting suicide and mental illness: a Mindframe resource for media professionals 2009 Mindframe Media and Mental Health Project Report
Responding to people at risk of suicide: How can you and your organisation help? 2008 Queensland Department of Communities Booklet
Social and emotional wellbeing for Indigenous media and programs 2010 Mindframe Media and Mental Health Project Factsheet
Social and emotional wellbeing program: handbook for link up service providers 2012 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Handbook
Stay strong 2009 Rural Health Education Foundation Audiovisual
Stay strong plan 2008 Menzies School of Health Research Resource package
Stolen Generations' testimonies [audiovisuals] 2012 Stolen Generations' Testimonies Foundation Electronic source
Suicide and mental illness in the media: a Mindframe resource for the mental health and suicide prevention sectors 2009 Mindframe Media and Mental Health Project Report
Suicide: for Indigenous media and programs 2009 Mindframe Factsheet
Talking up our strengths: images of strengths and resilience in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures 2009 SNAICC Resource Service St. Luke’s Innovative Resources Resource package
The Cairns community flow chart: a guide for individuals working with people at risk of self harm and suicide 2004 FNQ Suicide Prevention Taskforce Factsheet
The invisible discriminator [online video] 2014 Beyondblue Audiovisual
The Kessler psychological distress scale (K10) 2007 Kessler, R.C. Barker, P.R. Colpe, L.J. Epstein, J.F. Gfroerer, J.C. Hiripi, E. Howes, M.J. Normand, S-L.T. Manderscheid, R.W. Walters, E.E. Zaslavsky, A.M. Checklist
The little red threat book 2009 Mental Health Association of Central Australia Booklet
The West Australian Indigenous storybook : celebrating and sharing good news stories : the Kimberley and Pilbara edition 2011 Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA Book
Therapeutic journeys: counselling Aboriginal clients and their families 2002 Sushi Productions Audiovisual
Transgenerational trauma 2009 Merritt, S. Online multimedia
Western psychotherapeutic practice: engaging Aboriginal people in culturally appropriate and respectful ways 2005 Vicary, D. Bishop, B. J. Journal article
What patients and carers value 2006 NSW Health Leaflet
What’s up with my mob? Understanding and healing Aboriginal transgenerational trauma 2013 Spirit Dreaming Audiovisual
Why me? [video] 2007 Gordon, M. Cavaggion, R. Audiovisual
Working and walking together: supporting family relationship services to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and organisations 2010 Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Handbook
Working together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and wellbeing principles and practice 2010 Purdie, N. Dudgeon, P. Walker, R. Edited book
Working together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and wellbeing principles and practice 2014 Edited book
Working well guide: reflections on providing suicide prevention programs in remote Aboriginal communities in Central Australia 2010 Schubert, K. Hodgson, C. Archer, L. Grant, L. Report
Working with Aboriginal people and communities: a practice resource 2009 Aboriginal Services Branch Booklet
Working with Indigenous Australians: a handbook for psychologists 2000 Dudgeon, P. Garvey, D. Pickett, H. Book
Yarnabout conversation and reflection cards 2009 Nungeena Aboriginal Corporation for Women’s Business Suncoast Cooloola Outreach Prevention and Education Resource package
Yarning about mental health 2010 Nagel, T. Thompson, C. Flipchart
Yarning about mental health: an easy guide to mental health assessment 2010 Nagel, T. Griffin, C. Flipchart
Yatdjuligin: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nursing and midwifery care 2014 Edited book
Yia Marra: good stories that make spirits strong, from the people of Ntaria/Hermannsburg [CD included with publication] 2009 Denborough, D. Wingard, B. White, C. Resource package
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