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Title Year Author Type
Antibiotics-puy Dhawu (Antibiotics Story) [DVD is in Yolŋu Matha language with English subtitles] 2009 Dhurrkay, Y. Mitchell, A. Audiovisual
Go limurr dhu lakaranhamirr TB-puy (Let's talk about TB) [audio CD] 2008 Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Audiovisual
National Immunisation Program Schedule Queensland 2010 Queensland Government Poster
The Mantoux test (tuberculin skin test) 2011 Centre for Disease Control Factsheet
Treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) - preventive treatment 2011 Centre for Disease Control Factsheet
Tropical diseases: emerging concerns [DVD] 2011 Rural Health Education Foundation Audiovisual
Tuberculosis (TB) treatment 2009 Centre for Disease Control Factsheet
Tuberculosis fact sheet 2009 ACT Department of Health Factsheet
Tuberculosis: what you need to know 2009 Centre for Disease Control Factsheet
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