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Lea T (2012)

Other drugs.

In: Lee K, Freeburn B, Ella S, Miller W, Perry J, Conigrave K, eds. Handbook for Aboriginal alcohol and drug work. Sydney: University of Sydney: 217-236

This chapter is from the Handbook for Aboriginal alcohol and drug work and provides information for alcohol and other drug (AOD) workers on other drugs, including:

  • kava
  • GHB
  • ketamine
  • hallucinogens (magic mushrooms and LSD)
  • other sedatives
  • betel nut (areca nut)
  • khat
  • steroids.

Abstract adapted from the University of Sydney


Urquhart B, Thomson N (2009)

Review of the misuse of kava among Indigenous people.

Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin; 9(3): 1-14

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