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References for the key publications about tuberculosis among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are listed here.


Toms C, Stapledon R, Waring J, Douglas P (2015)

Tuberculosis notifications in Australia, 2012 and 2013.

Communicable Diseases Intelligence; Submitted to CDI: E217-E235


Communicable Disease Network Australia (2013)

Tuberculosis (TB): CDNA National Guidelines for the public health management of TB.

Canberra: Australian Department of Health

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide nationally consistent advice and guidance to public health units (PHUs) in responding to a notifiable disease event. It focuses on the public health aspects of the management of a new tuberculosis (TB) case and includes information about:

  • the disease TB
  • routine prevention activities
  • surveillance objectives
  • data management
  • communications
  • case definition
  • laboratory testing
  • case management
  • environmental evaluation
  • contact management
  • special situations.

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National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee (2012)

The strategic plan for the control of tuberculosis in Australia: 2011-2015.

Communicable Diseases Intelligence Quarterly Report; 36(3): E286-E293

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