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Title Year Author Type
Brief wellbeing screener 2013 Menzies School of Health Research Brochure
Development and evaluation of an Aboriginal mental health screening instrument 2010 Janca, A. Journal article
Indigenous risk impact screen and brief intervention project: screening instrument 2011 Queensland Health Checklist
Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (KICA) 2006 Western Australian Centre for Health and Ageing (WACHA) Resource package
Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment instructional DVD 2011 Western Australian Centre for Health and Ageing (WACHA) Audiovisual
Measuring cognitive and social emotional wellbeing outcomes for Indigenous substance abusers 2009 Dingwall, K. Cairney, S. Conference presentation
Measuring emotional and social wellbeing in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations: an analysis of a Negative Life Events Scale 2007 Kowal, E. Gunthorpe, W. Bailie, R. S. Online journal article
Mental health assessment form 2006 Menzies School of Health Research Checklist
Principles of practice in mental health assessment with Aboriginal Australians 2014 Adams, Y. Drew, N. Walker, R. Book section
Psychological and cognitive assessment of Indigenous Australians 2010 Dingwall, K.M. Cairney, S. Journal article
Strong souls 2010 Menzies School of Health Research Leaflet
Strong Souls: development and validation of a culturally appropriate tool for assessment of social and emotional well-being in Indigenous youth 2010 Thomas, A. Cairney, S. Gunthorpe, W. Paradies, Y. Sayers, S. Journal article
The acceptability of a depression screening tool in an urban, Aboriginal community-controlled health service 2007 Esler, D.M. Johnston, F. Thomas, D. Journal article
The development and validation of the Indigenous Risk Impact Screen (IRIS): a 13-item screening instrument for alcohol and drug and mental health risk 2007 Schlesinger, C.M. Ober, C. McCarthy, M.M. Watson, J.D. Seinen, A. Journal article
The validity of a depression screening tool modified for use with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2008 Esler, D. Johnston, F. Thomas, D. Davis, B. Journal article
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