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Title Year Author Type
Aboriginal Housing Office housing guidelines 2009 New South Wales Aboriginal Housing Office Report
Code of practice for the safe removal of asbestos: 2nd Edition 2005 National Occupational Health and Safety Commission Report
Fact sheet: South Australian Public Health Act 2011 2011 South Australian Department of Health Factsheet
Food and other gardens in and about remote communities: a guide - planning considerations and project opportunities 2013 Fawcett, A. Report
Guidelines for the siting, design and management of solid waste disposal sites in the Northern Territory 2013 Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority Report
Guidelines to report major environmental health issues to Queensland Health that affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 2004 Queensland Health Government document
Making two worlds work: building the capacity of the health and community sector to work effectively and respectfully with our Aboriginal community 2008 Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation Women's Health Goulburn North East Resource package
Management of asbestos in the non-occupational environment 2005 Department of Health and Ageing and enHealth Council Report
National Indigenous housing guide: improving the living environment for safety, health and sustainability: third edition 2007 Department of Families Housing Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Report
National Indigenous infrastructure guide 2010 Centre for Appropriate Technology Report
National Indigenous infrastructure guide: telecommunications 2010 Centre for Appropriate Technology Report section
National Indigenous infrastructure guide: transport 2010 Centre for Appropriate Technology Report section
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