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This section provides details of national Indigenous policies and strategies for emergency management and Indigenous environmental health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander environmental health practitioners.


Langton M, Parsons M, Leonard S, Auty K, Bell D, Burgess P, Edwards S, Howitt R, Jackson S, McGrath V, Morrison J (2012)

National climate change adaptation research plan for Indigenous communities.

Gold Coast, Qld: National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility


Emergency Management Australia (2007)

Keeping our mob safe: a national emergency management strategy for remote Indigenous communities.

Canberra: Ministerial Council for Police and Emergency Management

This report details a strategy intended to address emergency management in remote Indigenous Australian communities. The strategy, developed through extensive consultation with members of Indigenous communities, provides a framework for a coordinated and cooperative approach to all aspects of emergency management. Essentially the report includes seven priorities and lists specific goals and guiding actions to ensure the fulfillment of each priority.

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