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Northern Territory Department of Health (2014)

Volatile substance abuse (VSA) management areas and plans.

Retrieved 2014 from

This web page provides information on Volatile substance abuse management plans in the Northern Territory and how to use volatile substances responsibly. Other information includes:

  • guidelines for contractors visiting communities
  • a list of communities with Volatile substance abuse management plans
  • powers vested under the Volatile substance abuse prevention act.

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Drug and Alcohol Office (WA) (2012)

Volatile substance use support plan 2012-2015.

Perth: Drug and Alcohol Office (WA)


Queensland Corrective Services (2006)

Drug strategy 2006: tackling drug abuse and addiction, changing lives in Queensland prisons.

Brisbane: Queensland Government


Drug and Alcohol Office (2005)

Western Australian volatile substance use plan 2005-2009.

Perth: Drug and Alcohol Office

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