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New South Wales Parliament General Purpose Standing Committee No 2 (2013)

Drug and alcohol treatment.

Sydney: Parliament of New South Wales

Northern Territory of Australia: alcohol mandatory treatment act (2013)

Northern Territory Department of Health

Alcohol protection orders (2013)

Northern Territory Police

This factsheet provides information for people in the Northern Territory about how an alcohol protection order (APO) can be issued, and what an APO prevents a person from doing.

It also includes information about penalties for breaking the condition of an APO and other frequently asked questions.

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Drug and Alcohol Office (2010)

Halls Creek liquor restrictions interim report: June to August 2009.

Perth, WA: Western Australia Drug and Alcohol Office


Northern Territory Government (2008)

Developing strategies to reduce the incidence of alcohol-related harm in Alice Springs.

Alice Springs: Northern Territory Government, Moving Alice Ahead

Queensland Government (2008)

Queensland drug strategy 2006-2010: midpoint implementation report.

Brisbane: Queensland Government

Victorian Department of Human Services (2008)

Victoria's alcohol action plan 2008-2013.

Melbourne: Victorian Department of Human Services


Katherine Region Harmony Group (2007)

Katherine alcohol management plan: a plan for everyone: draft for discussion only.

Darwin: Katherine Town Council


Drug and Alcohol Office (Western Australia) (2006)

Western Australian alcohol plan 2006-2009.

Perth: Government of Western Australia

Queensland Corrective Services (2006)

Drug strategy 2006: tackling drug abuse and addiction, changing lives in Queensland prisons.

Brisbane: Queensland Government

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