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This section provides recent reference details and - where available - links and abstracts for general publications associated with tobacco use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. References include journal articles, reports, theses, and other literature. To access our complete database please use our bibliography.


Johnston V, Thomas D, Westphal D, Earnshaw C (2013)

Starting to smoke: experiences of Indigenous youth.

Melbourne: Lowitja Institute

This report documents the methodology, findings and conclusions of the Starting to smoke research project. The aim of the project was to explore the reasons young Indigenous people in the Northern Territory start smoking as well as the protective factors which prevent smoking. Young people aged 13-20 years of age were recruited from urban and remote communities to participate in one-on-one and group interviews.

A particular focus of the project was on the social and cultural processes that influence smoking uptake in this group. Based on the project's findings, the report makes recommendations regarding future smoking prevention initiatives. The project was carried out in the Northern Territory across two sites: one in Darwin and one in a remote community in Arnhem Land.

Abstract adapted from Lowitja Institute

Thomas DP, Ferguson M, Johnston V, Brimblecombe J (2013)

Impact and perceptions of tobacco tax increase in remote Australian Aboriginal communities.

Nicotine & Tobacco Research; 15(6): 1099-1106


Johnston V, Westphal DW, Earnshzaw C, Thomas DP (2012)

Starting to smoke: a qualitative study of the experiences of Australian Indigenous youth.

BMC Public Health; 12: 963

Retrieved 10 November 2012 from


Thomas DP, Fitz JW, Johnston V, Townsend J, Kneebone W (2011)

Wholesale data for surveillance of Australian Aboriginal tobacco consumption in the Northern Territory.

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