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Western Australian Department of Health (2015)

WA Aboriginal health and wellbeing framework 2015 - 2030.

Perth: Western Australian Department of Health


Douglas M, Roberts M, Cashmore A, Lowbridge C, Ireland J, Roberts D (2012)

Health and disease in the Aboriginal community: Northern NSW.

Lismore, NSW: University Centre for Rural Health

General Practice Queensland (2012)

Queensland Closing the Gap Quality Improvement Initiative: to improve coordinated care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with chronic disease in Queensland.

Brisbane: General Practice Queensland

Victorian Department of Health (2012)

Koolin balit: Victorian Government strategic directions for Aboriginal health 2012–2022.

Melbourne: Victorian Department of Health


Victorian Department of Health (2011)

Aboriginal health promotion and chronic care partnership (AHPACC) initiative: guidelines and strategic directions 2011–14.

Melbourne: Victorian Department of Health

This report, which has now been archived, outlined the program logic model for the Aboriginal health promotion and chronic care partnership (AHPACC) initiative, which supported people in Victoria who have chronic disease, or are at risk of chronic disease. The report specified seven strategic directions that aimed to strengthen the program and inform broader policy and program development during 2011-2014.

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Tri-State Agreement (2010)

Northern Territory Government

The tri-state agreement between governments in the Northern Territory (NT), Western Australia (WA) and South Australia (SA) resulted from a growth in demand for renal services in Alice Springs for a population that flows from beyond the borders of the NT.

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