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A brief history of the laws, policies and practices in South Australia that led to the removal of many Aboriginal children (2014)

Hall A


Aboriginal Maternity Service Support Unit (2012)

Women and Newborn Health Service: Aboriginal Maternity Service Support Unit: strategic plan 2010-2014.

Perth: Women and Newborn Health Service Western Australia

Western Australian Department of Child Protection and Family Support (2012)

Aboriginal services framework: December 2012 revised version.

Perth: Western Australian Department of Child Protection and Family Support


Statewide Service Strategy Division (2010)

Aboriginal health care plan 2010-2016.

Adelaide: Department of Health, South Australia

The Aboriginal health care plan 2010-2016 has been developed by SA Health as part of a significant health reform led by the South Australian Government. It aims to:

  • outline ways to reduce ill health among South Australian Aboriginal people
  • promote cultural responsiveness in the health system
  • promote Aboriginal community health and wellbeing

Aiming for an achievement of these overarching goals, the plan:

  • describes the demographic and major health issues for Aboriginal South Australians and variations across the state
  • outlines a model comprising six key areas: supporting good health; stronger primary health care; better care for those with high needs; an integrated and collaborative approach to the planning and delivery of services and programs, a focus on priorities; enablers for action
  • identifies six priorities for action based on the burden of disease and population profile
  • sets a framework for the regional Aboriginal health improvement plans
  • identifies key next steps and governance arrangements

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SA Health (2008)

Aboriginal nursing and midwifery strategy 2008 - 2011.

Adelaide: South Australia Department of Health

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