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Title Year Author Type
Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs: clinical guidelines for nurses and midwives: version 3 2012 de Crespigny, C. Talmet, J. Report
Code for the case management of behaviours that present a risk for HIV transmission 2013 South Australian Department for Health and Ageing Report
Guidelines for managing blood-borne virus infection in health care workers 2005 Communicable Diseases Network Australia Report
Guidelines for managing sexually transmitted infections: a guide for clinical care 2011 Western Australian Department of Health Public Health Division Report
Guidelines on the management of sexual health issues in children and young people: 3rd edition 2011 Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Unit Report
HIV management in Australasia: a guide for clinical care 2009 Jennifer Hoy, Sharon Lewin, Jeffrey J Post and Alan Street Edited book
HIV pre-test informed consent discussion and conveying an HIV test result for GPs 2012 Department of Health Report
HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C - management of health care workers potentially exposed 2010 NSW Health Report
HIV, viral hepatitis & STIs: a guide for primary care providers 2008 Australasian Society for HIV Medicine Report
Medicare benefits schedule book: operating from 1 November 2007 2007 Department of Health and Ageing Book
National guidelines for the management of people with HIV who place others at risk 2008 Australian Health Ministers’ Conference Report
National HIV testing policy 2006 2006 Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing Report
National HIV testing policy v1.1 2011 National HIV Testing Policy Expert Reference Committee Report
Primary clinical care manual: 8th edition 2013 Queensland Health Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) Report
Queensland sexual health clinical management guidelines 2010 2010 Queensland Health Report
Supplement to the Medicare Benefits Schedule of 1 November 2007: effective 1 May 2008 2008 Department of Health and Ageing Electronic source
The blue book - guidelines for the control of infectious diseases 2005 Communicable Diseases Section, Department of Human Services Report
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