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Our work is supported with funds from a variety of sources, with our 'core' funds provided by the Australian Department of Health. Our work in the area of substance use is supported by the Department’s Drug Strategy Branch. Specific research activities are supported by funds and/or collaboration from a variety of sources. These are shown below under 'Other funders'.
As well as those shown, we are grateful to:

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Major funder

Australian Department of Health

The ‘core' funds provided by the Australian Department of Health enable good coverage of many areas, particularly those within the direct responsibility of the health system. Additional funding is provided for two of the chronic disease areas, kidney health and diabetes, plus one of the chronic disease risk factors, physical activity. The Drug Strategy Branch of the Department also provides funding for the substance use area.


Other funders

Government of Western Australia

The Western Australian Department of Health’s Office of Aboriginal Health supports our section devoted to the heath of Indigenous Western Australians, and the Western Australian Indigenous Health Promotion Network.

Indigenous Offender Health Research Capacity Building Group

The Indigenous Offender Health Research Capacity Building Group provides funding for the Indigenous offender health section of the website. The aim of the group’s program of research is to establish an Australia-wide health and criminal justice research network, and to increase the research capacity in key health areas affecting the Indigenous offender population (blood borne viruses, mental health, and substance use).

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