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Curnow V, McMillan F, Kampers D, Traynor V, Dewing J (2011)

Evaluating an online dementia education module: “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities” [poster].

Paper presented at the Ninth Asia/Oceania regional congress of gerontology & geriatrics. 23-27 October 2011, Melbourne

Lie D, Travers C, Martin-Khan M (2011)

The national framework for dementia. Prevention, promotion and early intervention: what are the options?.

Paper presented at the Australian Health Promotion Association 20th National Conference. 11 April 2011, Cairns, Qld

Nichols P, Curnow V (2011)

Specific populations: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia.

Paper presented at the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) forum. 27-28 September 2011, Geneva


Conley D, Venz N, Watkins H (2009)

Bringing health equity to ageing rural and remote Queenslanders: Blue Care Rural and Remote Aged Care Strategy.

Paper presented at the Rural health: the place to be ... The 10th National Rural Health Conference. 17-20 May 2009, Cairns, Qld

Ingrames M (2009)

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultural considerations for BPSD best practice management project.

Paper presented at the Alzheimer's Australia 2009 Conference. 2-5 June 2009, Adelaide

Strivens E (2009)

Indigenous dementia: too much, too young?.

Paper presented at the International Day of Older Persons Forum. 2009, Townsville

Young R (2009)

Ageing in the bush: what is remotely possible?.

Paper presented at the From creative ageing to end-of-life in rural and remote Australia. 17 November 2009, Canberra

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