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Substance use is a major public health problem for many Indigenous peoples - in terms of death, disease, social and emotional wellbeing, and social and economic issues. Better information and knowledge are urgently required to improve approaches to substance use among Indigenous peoples. To assist, the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet has developed the Indigenous substance use web resources and a yarning place (electronic network).

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The web resources are for people working, studying or interested in addressing harmful substance use among Indigenous peoples. The development of the web resources and yarning place by the HealthInfoNet is being guided by a national reference group with extensive experience in the area of Indigenous substance use. The HealthInfoNet is being funded by the Drug Strategy Branch of the Australian Department of Health and Ageing to develop, maintain and update these web resources and a yarning place for the following topics: alcohol use, volatile substance use (including petrol sniffing), and illicit drug use (including pharmaceuticals and kava). The HealthInfoNet also provides a 'clearinghouse' function relating to Indigenous tobacco use.


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