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This resource is dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers (Indigenous Health Workers). The development of this resource acknowledges the valuable contribution that Indigenous Health Workers have, and are making, to improve Indigenous health. It provides a space for Indigenous Health Workers to share information, network, and highlight the highs and lows of working life through the yarning place.

Content of this web resource

This web resource aims to provide those working as Indigenous Health Workers, either in Government, the community controlled health sector, and other organisations, with links to resources that may enhance their ongoing professional development and care to clients. There are links to health promotion resources, research information, and professional Indigenous health associations/organisations.

Sharing Information about research and practice

This web resource provides an excellent opportunity for Indigenous Health Workers to promote their work via the e-yarning place. Maybe an issue has arisen that requires the support and insight of other Health Workers, the yarning place is an excellent way of providing the mechanism for this professional peer support to occur.

Development of the Indigenous Health Worker web resource

Core funding for the HealthInfoNet is provided by the Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (OATSIH). Other support is provided by Edith Cowan University .

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