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This section provides details and links for programs and projects that aim to improve the physical environment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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The programs, projects and lessons learned have been rated to the left. The items are listed by title, but you can also select to list them by reach, focus, start date and end date.


Details and links (where available) relating to relevant programs, projects and lessons learned are collected here.

When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the program, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Title Reach Focus
Aboriginal and remote communities power supply project WA
Aboriginal communities development program (ACDP) NSW
Aboriginal communities water supply and sewerage program NSW
Aboriginal community researchers program National
Aboriginal land clean-up and prevention program NSW
Aboriginal learning on country program SA
Aboriginal responses to climate change in arid zone Australia - regional understandings and capacity building for adaptation QLD
Aboriginal wetland burning in Kakadu NT
Achievements under the Queensland Health Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Environmental Health Strategy 2001-2006 QLD
Alice Springs transformation plan NT
Animal control and welfare management - animal management registration and micro-chipping program QLD
Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities (AMRRIC) Dog health programs National
Animal management worker program NT
Arabana climate change adaptation project SA
Army Aboriginal community assistance program National
Australian feral camel management project National
Barkly Shire Council animal health program NT
Bayulu and Muludja waste management plans WA
Be a friend to your dog project NT
Best practice models for effective consultation towards improving built environment outcomes for remote Indigenous communities SA, WA
Binbi Meta (healthy dwelling) program QLD
Bremer Island coffee bush removal project NT
Buffalo control in the Top End NT
Building better roads WA
Burning for biodiversity project NT, QLD, WA
Cape York fire and biodiversity project QLD
Capturing Indigenous knowledge in northern Australia NT, WA
Carbon economies in remote Australia NT, QLD, WA
Carbon project NT, WA
Climate change adaptation and energy futures project National
Climate change impacts and adaptation research grants program National
Coffs Jaliigirr project NSW
Community greening program NSW
Community services and assistance project (Gumala Aboriginal Corporation) WA
Community vehicle recycling project WA
Community water planner field guide project National
Community WEED project WA
Cultural heritage program SA
Daly River solar research project NT
Desert dogs NT
Developing a sustainable community-based response to asbestos-related disease in Aboriginal communities Not specified
Dharray Manymakkuŋ Pawaw ga Gapuw (Caring for our power and water) project NT
Dhimurru fire and biodiversity monitoring project NT
Djunbunji land and sea ranger program QLD
Doomadgee solar project QLD
East Arnhem Shire Council animal welfare program NT
EcoFire project WA
Emissions reduction fund National
Engaging Tiwi Islanders in climate change science NT
Environmental health referral system for infectious disease cases in the Kimberley WA
EON thriving communities program WA
Eradicating pest ants from the Top End NT
Feral cat management on Indigenous lands project NT
Firesticks NSW
Fish River fire project NT
Fixing houses for better health projects (Housing for health) National
Footprints in time: the longitudinal survey of Indigenous children National
Fox control at Sangsters Bore NT
Future change in ancient worlds: Indigenous adaptation in northern Australia NT, QLD, WA
GhostNets Australia program NT, QLD, WA
Girringun biodiversity project QLD
Green army programme National
Gumala reduce, reuse and recycle project WA
Handwashing campaign NT
Healthy community assessment tool National, NT
Healthy country, healthy people: supporting Indigenous engagement in the sustainable management of Northern Territory land and seas NT
Healthy dogs, healthy communities: evaluating the impact of new interdiscplinary interventions to enhance dog health and welfare in remote Indigenous communities National
Healthy housing worker program in far west New South Wales NSW
Healthy living NT
Home renovations and maintenance project (HRMP) WA
Home safe home NSW
Hot country - domestic waste project WA
Hot water use and water heating systems in remote Indigenous communities National
Hotspots fire project NSW
Housing improvement and child health (HICH) - extension NT
I-tracker project NT, QLD, WA
Improving hygiene and children's health in remote Indigenous communities NT
Improving water management in small water supplies in the Northern Territory NT
In-home practical support program WA
Indigenous biodiversity management project QLD
Indigenous co-management and biodiversity protection QLD
Indigenous community dog health program NSW
Indigenous housing and governance: lessons from case studies of remote communities in WA and NT NT, WA
Indigenous natural resource management and livelihoods NT, QLD
Indigenous seasonal indicators and climate change project WA
Indigenous socio-economic values and river flows NT, WA
Indigenous storybook WA
Indigenous voices in climate change adaptation: addressing the challenges of diverse knowledge systems in the Barmah-Millewa VIC
Indigenous water planning forum National
Indigenous weather knowledge National
Integrating climate change science into rangelands natural resource management (Rangelands cluster project) National
Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa men's ranger program WA
Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa women's ranger program WA
Kimberley ranger network WA
Land and sea country Indigenous partnerships program QLD
Learning from the past, adapting in the future: identifying pathways to successful adaptation in Indigenous communities NT, WA
Learning on country NT
Life skills program NT
Limits to climate change adaptation for low-lying communities in the Torres Strait QLD
Litter reduction pilot program East Arnhem NT
Low cost housing project QLD
Managing feral cats on the Pellew Islands NT
Managing threats to floodplain biodiversity and Indigenous values NT
Mangrove and freshwater habitat status of Torres Strait Islands QLD
Marine turtle and dugong monitoring project WA
Marine wildlife management in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area QLD
Meerreeng wanga Aboriginal inclusion plan VIC
Milingimbi water management NT
Monitoring the health of Torres Strait coral reefs QLD
Monitoring warru in the Mann Ranges NT, SA
Mungullah clean up program WA
Murujuga ranger programme WA
My place program QLD
NAILSMA Indigenous fire management project NT, QLD, WA
National environmental science programme National
National Indigenous ranger CyberTracker project National
National Landcare programme (Landcare) National
National risk assessment - water services in remote Indigenous communities National
Ngaanyatjarra Health Service environmental health program WA
Ngaanyatjarra land and culture program NT
Ngurra Ninti: clever for housing, healthy house living skills project NT
Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services: environmental health team WA
Nirrumbuk environmental health program WA
North Coast Area Health Service Aboriginal environmental health program NSW
North Kimberley fire abatement project WA
Northern Territory Aboriginal environmental health program NT
Oongkalkada landfill project WA
Operation desert stormwater harvesting SA
Overcrowding for Indigenous households in non-remote areas National
Pilbara corridors project WA
Pilbara Meta Maya environmental health program WA
Pilot project for community engagement in water conservation at Ali Curung NT
Plumbing Trades Employees Union Indigenous apprenticeship program NT, VIC, WA
Prickly acacia eradication on Moolooloo NT
Queensland Indigenous land and sea ranger program QLD
Queensland Indigenous land and sea rangers project QLD
Rangelands restoration - reintroduction of native mammals to Lorna Glen WA
Regional waste management priorities and implementation plan (RWMP&IP) SA
Remote and Indigenous communities clean up program National
Remote areas essential services program WA
Remote Indigenous energy program National
Remote Indigenous housing program National
Research and management to reverse decline of native mammal fauna NT, QLD, WA
Restoring connections between people and land project WA
Saltwater people network project NT, QLD, WA
Shire of Derby/West Kimberley Aboriginal environmental health program WA
Solar energy transformation program (Solar SETuP) NT
Stayin' strong QLD
Stronger communities for children NT
Study of environment on Aboriginal resilience and child health (SEARCH) NSW
Tackling waste in bush communities NT
Tangentyere Council environmental health program NT
Technology transfer officer dealing with water quality and treatment in Indigenous communities National
Ten deserts NSW, NT, QLD, SA, WA
Terrestrial biodiversity monitoring project NT
The Martu living deserts project (Warrarnpa Kana) WA
The Quirindi waste management project NSW
The Torres Strait Regional Authority: housing and environmental health: community housing sub-program QLD
The Torres Strait Regional Authority: housing and environmental health: transport infrastructure development sub-program QLD
Tiwi carbon study: managing fire for greenhouse gas abatement NT
Torres Strait seawalls project QLD
Trachoma screening in the Kimberley WA
Tropical rivers and coastal knowledge (TRaCK) project NT, QLD, WA
Understanding how the use of intertidal marine resources by Indigenous women in the Northern Territory will be affected by climate change and their preferred adaptation options NT
Understanding urban and peri-urban Indigenous people's vulnerability and adaptive capacity to climate change National
Upper coldstream biodiversity project NSW
Urlampe septic tank project NT
Warddeken caring for country project NT
Warraber Island waste management pilot project QLD
Waru (fire) program WA
Waste less, recycle more initiative NSW
Waste management training program for Indigenous shire workers NT
Water and wastewater services in remote (including Indigenous) communities National
Water resource management program NT
West Arnhem land fire abatement project NT
West Kimberley nature project WA
West Pilbara turtle program WA
Western desert project WA
Wild dog knowledge gap project NSW
Working on country program National
Yard improvement project National
Yard proud in Engawala NT
Yiyili composting program WA
Yuku Baja Muliku ranger program QLD
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