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The need for better information and resources

The need for information specific to the States and Territories - and to regions within them - has been a frequent request from users of the HealthInfoNet. However, resources have prevented the HealthInfoNet from addressing this need.

In response to Western Australian users of the HealthInfoNet, the Aboriginal Health Division within the WA Department of Health has provided separate funds for the development and maintenance of a section within the HealthInfoNet specific to Indigenous health in that State.

The structure of the section is based broadly on those used for other new sections on the HealthInfoNet. This structure provides for the sharing of knowledge and information through the following ways:

Within this broad structure, specific aspects have been adapted and/or developed in consultation with staff of the Aboriginal Health Division.

Currently the section does not include much information at a regional level within WA, but it is hoped that this aspect is developed over time.

Content of the WA state web resource

New information and materials relevant to WA State among Indigenous peoples are added to this web resource progressively. It currently includes:

Development of the resource

With the support and generosity of the Aboriginal Health Division within the WA Department of Health, the HealthInfoNet is able to continue to develop and maintain this section.

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