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Geng GH, Disney LP (2011)

A need of technology-assisted physical activity in young Indigenous children's health and physical education.

Paper presented at the Technology for Education and Learning. 24-25 October 2011, Beijing, China

Muir R, Hawkins C, Finch E-L (2011)

A healthy balance: The My Health Balance program.

Paper presented at the Australian Health Promotion Association 20th National Conference. 10-13 April 2011, Cairns

O'Dea K (2011)

The positive model of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Paper presented at the Coalition for Research to Improve Aboriginal Health. 5-6 May 2011, Sydney


Cassar N (2010)

Victorian Aboriginal nutrition & physical activity strategy.

Paper presented at the 'Go for your life' Physical Activity Forum. 28 May 2010, Melbourne

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