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The need for better information and resources

Development of the Indigenous physical activity web resource recognises the importance of physical activity to many aspects of health, particularly cardiovascular disease. Recent research confirms that the health benefits of physical activity are much broader than thought previously. As well as being important in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, physical activity contributes to:

All these health issues contribute to the relatively poor health status of Indigenous peoples, so an increase in physical activity among Indigenous people could play a major role in improving health status.

Content of the Indigenous physical activity web resource

New information and materials relevant to physical activity among Indigenous peoples are added to this web resource progressively, and in time it will be expanded to include: reviews and background information; policies and strategies; programs, projects and lessons; guidelines; health promotion resources; publications; and information about and links to relevant organisations and other agencies. It also provides links to related HealthInfoNet pages - including ones on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and nutrition - and links to a new HealthInfoNet web resource about overweight and obesity among Indigenous peoples.

Development of the web resource

Development of the Indigenous physical activity web resource is being undertaken by the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet with the support of the National Heart Foundation of Australia, which has generously provided initial funding to get the resource underway.

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