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This section provides details and links for programs and projects that address volatile substance use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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The programs, projects and lessons learned have been rated to the left. The items are listed by title, but you can also select to list them by reach, focus, start date and end date.


Details and links (where available) relating to relevant programs, projects and lessons learned are collected here.

When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the program, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Title Reach Focus
'Knowledge = power' and 'Respect yourself' camps project NT
A prospective study of substance misuse and of a community-driven preventative measures in remote Aboriginal communities NT
AADS AOD and outreach support services WA
Aboriginal connection program SA
Aboriginal families and carers training (AFACT) project NSW
Aboriginal family intervention project SA
Aboriginal family support service (AFSS) WA
Aboriginal kinship program (Grannies group) SA
Aboriginal Sobriety Group SA
Aboriginal withdrawal unit (Next step inpatient clinical services) WA
Aboriginal youth sexual health and didgeridoo project NSW
Alcohol and other drug counselling (Bega Garnbirringu Health Service) WA
Alcohol and other drugs Indigenous communities project NT
Alcohol and other drugs/social and emotional wellbeing program VIC
Alcohol, drug and mental health WA
Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) program QLD
Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs prevention program (ATOD) QLD
Alpurrurulam skateboard program NT
AMSANT AOD and mental health program support NT
Ana Kadjaniny Indigenous health program WA
Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands (APY Lands) substance misuse service SA
Anawim community centre WA
APY Lands substance misuse services SA
Back to culture NT
Barbeque SA
Baroona youth healing centre VIC
Benelong's haven NSW
Best practice guidelines for evaluation of Indigenous residential alcohol and drug programs NT
Best practice in early intervention, assessment and treatment of depression and substance misuse (BEAT project) NT
Beswick 'Youth at risk strategy' NT
Boomerangs parenting program NSW
Bulgarr Ngaru alcohol and other drug program NSW
BushMob bush adventure therapy program NT
BushMob residential service NT
Carpentaria Shire Council youth support services QLD
Ceduna day centre SA
Central Australian Aboriginal Alcohol Programmes Unit (CAAAPU) alcohol and other drug programs NT
Central Australian youth link up service (CAYLUS) NT
Central Desert night patrol NT
Cherbourg injury prevention and safety promotion project QLD
Clinical liaison Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (CLAIS) QLD
Community outreach program NT
Counselling and wellbeing program QLD
Culture is life campaign National
Cummeragunja community development drug action team NSW
Cyrenian House Milliya Rumurra Outreach Team (CHMR) WA
Cyril Lindsay House program SA
Danila Dilba alcohol and other drug program NT
Darayiga guya mapu (come here: talk feeling) NSW
Deadly choices QLD
Deadly sista girlz WA
Development of the 'stay strong' iPad National
Djooraminda's Indigenous family program WA
Dolly Garinyi hostel NT
Drug and alcohol clinical worker program QLD
Drug and alcohol educator TAS
Drug and alcohol program VIC
Drug and alcohol program (Umoona Tjutagku Health Service Aboriginal Corporation) SA
Drug and alcohol youth service (DAYS) WA
Drum atweme NT
Dthina yuwali NSW
Dunjiba SA
Early childhood families and schools together (FAST) program NT
East Arnhem community night patrol and sobering-up services NT
Exploring the needs of Aboriginal women with co-morbid drug and alcohol and mental health problems NSW
Gamarada men's program NSW
Gatharr weyebe banabe QLD
Gettin rid of the Gammin (synthetic) spirits program NSW
Goldfields community alcohol and drug service WA
Great Southern community drug service team (GSCDST) WA
Gunbalanya family safety program NT
Halo day program WA
Head 2 head WA
Healing program VIC
Healthy families NT
Healthy living NT
Holyoake counselling and support services program WA
Illicit drug diversion initiative (IDDI) TAS
Indigenous alcohol and other drug national train the trainer pilot program WA
Indigenous children's program NT
Indigenous diversion program WA
Indigenous dual diagnosis project VIC
Indigenous men managing anger and substance use (IMMASU) WA
Indigenous national alcohol and other drug workforce development program National
Indigenous risk impact screen (IRIS) and brief intervention QLD
Indigenous spiritual wellbeing toolbox QLD
Indigenous storybook WA
Indigenous substance misuse (Centrecare) WA
Indigenous throughcare project NT
Indigenous youth healing program NT
It's your choice! Have a voice! rights, respect, responsibility 2013 NSW
Jaru pirrjirdi (strong voices) program NT
Jumna wal NSW
Kalgoorlie sobering-up centre WA
Katungul Aboriginal Corporation substance use services NSW
Koori access program (KAP) VIC
Koori access project VIC
Koori diversion initiative VIC
Koori youth alcohol and drug healing service VIC
Kulintja Palyaringkuntjaku project NT, SA, WA
Kullari patrol WA
Kumangka drug and alcohol diversion service (IDDI) SA
Kununurra women's fishing group WA
KWHB Alcohol and other drugs program NT
Lakalinjeri Tumbetin Waal Frahns farm SA
Langton centre alcohol and other drug services NSW
Lyons Street diversionary centre QLD
Make art, make change NSW
Makin' tracks SA
Maningrida child safety service NT
Mawarnkurra Health Service alcohol liquid and nutrition program WA
Men's healing program WA
Mental health alcohol tobacco and other drugs service (MHATODS) QLD
Mingga patrol WA
Mobile assistance patrol (MAP) SA
Moorditj yorga's yarning group WA
Mt Isa Murri men's group QLD
Mt Theo outstation NT
Mt Theo program NT
Multi-systemic therapy (MST) program WA
Murdi Paaki drug and alcohol network NSW
Namatjira Haven residential program NSW
Neurocognitive and social changes associated with unleaded petrol sniffing and abstinence from further sniffing NT
Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Women's Council (NPYWC) youth program NT, SA, WA
Ngnowar Aerwah Aboriginal Corporation East Kimberley support services WA
Ngwala Willumbong outreach services VIC
Night patrol (Rumbalara Aboriginal Cooperative Ltd) VIC
Northern Territory sobering up shelter service NT
Nyoongar patrol outreach service WA
Oolong house residential program NSW
Our healing ways VIC
Out there and active program QLD
Palmerston farm residential program WA
Parent drug information service (PDIS) WA
Pathways program WA
Petrol sniffing prevention program (PSPP) Not specified
Petrol sniffing strategy National
Pilbara drug and alcohol rehabilitation service WA
Piliyintinji-ki stronger families NT
Policing implications of petrol sniffing and other inhalant misuse in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' communities National
Prison health re-entry program WA
Professional needs of Aboriginal drug and alcohol workers in NSW NSW
Ramahyuck drug and alcohol abuse program VIC
Reducing dangers during pregnancy project NSW
Remote alcohol and other drugs workforce program NT
Residential recovery centres program VIC
Review of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander alcohol and other drugs treatment service sector National
Saranna women and children's program WA
Shanty Creek therapeutic community QLD
Snuff out sniffing (SOS) campaign QLD
Sobering up shelter (Yaandina Family Centre) WA
Sobering-up shelter (Ceduna/Koonibba Aboriginal Health Service) SA
Sobering-up shelter (Koori Community Alcohol and Drug Resource Service) VIC
Sobering-up shelter (Nggangganawili Aboriginal Health Service) WA
Social and emotional wellbeing, mental health and alcohol and other drugs services WA
South Kalgoorlie youth support service (SKYSS) WA
Stagpole Street drug and alcohol rehabilitation unit QLD
Stay strong and healthy – it's worth it NSW
Stock-take and gap analysis of Indigenous drug prevention research VIC
Street beat NSW
Street youth service SA
Strong spirit strong mind metro project WA
Substance misuse program (Ceduna Koonibba Aboriginal Health Service) SA
Substance misuse program (SMP) QLD
Substance misuse support service SA
Substance use program (Tullawon Health Service) SA
The development of culturally-appropriate cognitive assessments with applications in substance abuse and mental health with Indigenous clients NT
The role of an Aboriginal women's group in meeting the high needs of clients attending outpatient alcohol and other drug treatment NSW
Volatile substance abuse program NT
Volatile Substance Misuse (VSM) safe place QLD
Volatile substance misuse (VSM) service QLD
Volatile substance misuse program (Darumbal Community Youth Service) QLD
Walk tall WA
Wandarma Aboriginal drug and alcohol service NSW
Wapa maya WA
Warra-Warra Kanyi counselling and mentoring NT
Wathaurong alcohol and other drugs program VIC
Weigelli Centre residential alcohol and other drug program NSW
Wellbeing program NT
Wiltanendi ... becoming stronger SA
Wooree Miya woman's refuge WA
Wugularr youth petrol sniffing prevention program NT
Wurli Wurlinjang child and maternal/women's health program NT
Wurli-Wurlinjang alcohol and other drug unit NT
Wyndham sobering up centre WA
Yiriman ranger project NT, WA
Yiriman youth project WA
Yolŋu radio NT
Young and awesome project QLD
Young men's mentoring group ACT
Young Nungas yarning together SA
Young street centre (Port Augusta) SA
Young warriors intervention and leadership program QLD
Youth alcohol and drugs program QLD
Youth in communities program NT
Youth justice program VIC
Youth off the streets Aboriginal services NSW
Youth reach program QLD
Youth, alcohol, drug treatment and support program (YAD) QLD
Yuendumu youth program NT
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