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Respiratory health

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Guidelines on managing chronic suppurative lung disease and bronchiectasis (unrelated to cystic fibrosis) in Australian Indigenous children initiated in 2002 were extended to include Indigenous adults in 2008 and children and adults living in urban areas of Australia and New Zealand in 2010. This is an updated guideline relevant for all sections of the community. The recommendations in this guideline are targeted principally to primary and secondary care, and are not intended for individualised specialist care.
This is the latest version of these guidelines.

Abstract from authors

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Journal of Microbiological Methods; 92(3): 270–272

This study observed correlation between quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and semi-quantitative culture for definition of Haemophilus influenzae infection in bronchoalveolar lavage specimens from 81 Indigenous children with bronchiectasis. Data collected supported the continued use of quantitative culture as the gold standard.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

Hare KM, Singleton RJ, Grimwood K, Valery PC, Cheng AC, Morris PS, Leach AJ, Smith-Vaughan HC, Chatfield M, Redding G, Reasonover AL, McCallum GB, Chikoyak L, McDonald MI, Brown N, Torzillo PJ, Chang AB (2013)

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Asthma Foundation of WA (2012)

Newborn asthma and parental smoking project evaluation.

Perth, WA: Asthma Foundation of WA

This report outlines the evaluation results of the Newborns Asthma and Parental Smoking Project and the Indigenous Women's Project which encouraged pregnant women, new mothers and their families to protect children from exposure to harmful tobacco smoke.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

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: Menzies School of Health Research

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Using pneumococcal vaccines (Prevenar13 & Synflorix) in combination for maximum protection from ear infections: Prev-Ix_Combo.

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Retrieved 14 August 2012 from

Last updated: 21 February 2018
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