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Health promotion resources

When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the resource, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Title Year Author Type
CARPA standard treatment manual [6th ed.] 2014 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Book
Children's health education program in outback communities: keep kids' eyes strong 2008 Centre for Eye Research Australia Resource package
Clean face, strong eyes! - Kalkaringi mob 2012 Indigenous Hip Hop Projects Audiovisual
Clean faces, strong eyes: influencing knowledge, attitudes and practice with health promotion and social marketing [conference poster] 2012 Lange, F.D. Stanford, E. Atkinson, J.R. Taylor, H.R. Conference presentation
Clean faces, strong eyes: trachoma health promotion to change knowledge, attitudes and practice in work place settings [conference poster] 2013 Lange, F.D. Atkinson, J.R. Brown, H. Taylor, H.R. Conference presentation
Colours of my country 2014 Red Dust Role Models Audiovisual
Correcting ten myths about eliminating trachoma 2011 Lange, F. Taylor, H.R. Factsheet
Eye health education resource kit: I see for culture 2009 International Centre for Eyecare Education Resource package
Eye spy – Yuendemu 2012 Red Dust Role Models Audiovisual
Eyes [YouTube music video] 2011 Caper Online multimedia
Health promotion and healthy public policy bring about promising inter-sectorial collaboration for trachoma elimination by 2020 [conference poster] 2016 Lange, F.D. Stanford, E. O'Kearney, E. Motlik, J. Taylor, H.R. Conference presentation
Health promotion partnership for trachoma elimination [conference poster] 2014 Lange, F.D. Atkinson, J.R. Taylor, H.R. Conference presentation
Healthy skin and eyes program at Katherine West 2013 Katherine West Health Board Audiovisual
How design can help fight poverty 2013 Pholeros, P. Audiovisual
Maningrida - clean faces strong eyes (trachoma song 2012) 2013 UncleJimmyThumbsUp Audiovisual
Milpa the trachoma goanna and Yamba the honey ant [online video] 2012 Imparja Creative Audiovisual
Ntaria - Uncle Jimmy & Milpa say 2013 UncleJimmyThumbsUp Audiovisual
See strong: improving Indigenous eye health [TV broadcast, DVD] 2011 Rural Health Education Foundation Audiovisual
Stayin' strong: eye checks 2014 Brisbane Indigenous Media Association Audiovisual
The roadmap to close the gap for vision [conference poster] 2012 Taylor, H.R. Boudville, A.I. Anjou, M.D. Conference presentation
The trachoma story kit 2010 Indigenous Eye Health Unit Resource package
Trachoma 2010 Centre for Disease Control Factsheet
Trachoma - clean face, strong eyes [online video] 2011 Ngaanyatjarra Media Audiovisual
Trachoma ‘Clean Faces, Strong Eyes’- Kulilla Kulilla pay attention (Warburton, WA) 2016 Indigenous Eye Health Unit Audiovisual
Trachoma ‘Clean Faces, Strong Eyes’- Kuru Palya good eyes (Oak Valley, SA) 2016 Indigenous Eye Health Unit Audiovisual
Trachoma ‘Clean Faces, Strong Eyes’- Through my eyes (Docker River, NT) 2016 Indigenous Eye Health Unit Audiovisual
Trachoma elimination TV commercial featuring Liam Jurrah [online video] 2012 Imparja Creative Audiovisual
Trachoma eye health information 1995 Kimberley Public Health Unit Flipchart
Trachoma health promotion: engagement and advocacy in action [conference poster] 2015 Jones, K. Lange, F.D. Motlik, J. Anjou, M.D. Taylor, H.R. Conference presentation
Trachoma resource book 2010 Hooshmand, J. Taylor, H.R. Stanford, E. Booklet
Tracking down the germ [Vimeo title: Hunting down the germ] 2015 Batty, D. Cox, S. Audiovisual
Utju Eyes - Areyonga School 2012 [video] 2012 Red Dust Role Models Audiovisual
Why does trachoma persist as a public health problem in Australia? [conference poster] 2016 Stanford, E.E. Lange, F.D. Holden, C.A. Anjou, M.D. Taylor, H.R. Conference presentation
Last updated: 27 February 2017
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