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No Title Year Producer Type
1281 Hepatitis B: what you need to know 2008 Hepatitis Council of Queensland Hepatitis Australia Booklet
1282 Recovering from adult sexual assault: navigating the journey 2008 Education Centre Against Violence Booklet
1283 Lymphoedema [brochures] 2008 National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre Resource package
1284 Don't mess with meth 2008 Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) Inc Comic
1285 Kaiyai girl [video] 2008 Travers, H. McKeon, V. Augustine, P. Djiagween, T. Ishiguchi, N. Gamble, L. Audiovisual
1286 Don't be buntha: Hep C - don't let it be [video] 2008 Farrugra, M. Barry, R. Pichugin, E.G. Richards, R. Walsh, L. Sumner, G. Barry, J. Verilli, A. Abdulla, R. Audiovisual
1287 Step by Step: Indigenous kids 6-12 years 2008 Presented by Roxanne McDonald Audiovisual
1288 Aboriginal vascular health program 2008 “Dharah Gibinj” Aboriginal Medical Service Brochure
1289 Diabetes and strong families 2008 Queensland Health Booklet
1290 What to eat: staying healthy for you and your family 2008 Queensland Health Booklet
Last updated: 1 September 2015
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