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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

The flour-drum stove cookbook for easy outdoor cooking for families (2009)


Price R


Nutrition & Physical Activity section Northern Territory Department of Health and Families







The Flour-drum stove cookbook is a collection of recipes that can be prepared in the flour-drum stove.

The flour-drum stove was invented by nutritionist Roy Price as a simple system for cooking healthier foods, for those people who did not have the appropriate cooking facilities or equipment in their houses. It is an alternative for those people who buy a lot of convenience or fast foods from their local store.

Outdoor cooking using the flour-drum stove gives large numbers of community members a chance to take part in the cooking process. Cooking even simple meals in the flour-drum stove can help to improve the health of members by reducing the amount of unhealthy take-aways they buy. Maintaining a healthy weight can assist with prevention of diabetes and other chronic conditions.

The recipes in this cookbook use ingredients that can be purchased in most locations, and are simple, tasty and healthy.

This method is intended only as a short term solution while housing and infrastructure problems are experienced in remote Aboriginal communities.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

When to use this resource

Flour-drum stove nutrition education activities can be used to promote:

The recipes can also be made in conventional kitchens using standard equipment.

Contact details

Roy Price
Accredited Nutritionist and Accredited Practising Dietitian
Alice Springs NT
Ph: 0409 695 949

To order copies of this resource

Northern Territory Department of Health and Families
Ph: (08) 8985 8017


Last updated: 23 June 2014
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