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Talking about alcohol with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients [3rd edition] (2009)


Brady M, Hunter E


Department of Health and Ageing







This flipchart is a guide to doing a brief intervention with someone who is having problems with alcohol. It has been shown that a brief intervention by a health professional can help to motivate individuals to change their drinking behaviour, either by cutting down or stopping completely. A brief intervention can include:

The flipchart has prompts for the health professional on one side, with colourful, culturally appropriate illustrations for the client on the other. It also contains some useful information for the health professional on how to conduct a brief intervention and suggests important topics for discussion with clients.

The flipchart comes with a 'Safer drinking action prescription' pad where the health professional can 'prescribe' action for the client such as 'Have at least one alcohol free day each week' and 'Eat food before and while you drink'.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

When to use this resource

The flipchart is intended for use by health professionals including Health Workers, nurses and GPs, who are assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients with alcohol-related issues. It is a useful tool for one-on-one consultations, for conducting brief interventions with someone who is having problems with alcohol.

The prescription pad gives the client something to take away with them, to remind them of the discussion they have had and the action they have agreed to take.

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Maggie Brady
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Last updated: 14 October 2014
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