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Youth justice conferencing Queensland



Youth justice conferencing is an alternative to having a matter dealt with by a court order. For a young person to be referred to a conference, they must admit to or be found guilty of the offence. There is no limit to the types of offence that can be referred to a youth justice conference.

A youth justice conference is a meeting facilitated by a convenor. A conference brings the young person and their family together with the victim (if they wish to attend) as well as a police officer. The aim of a youth justice conference is for the victim, the young person and their family to come up with an agreement about how the young person can begin to repair the harm caused by the offence.

When a young person admits to an offence the police may make a conference referral instead of sending the matter to court. In some cases, a court will request that a youth justice conference takes place. A conference convenor helps everyone talk through what happened and how everyone has been affected.

The purpose of the conference is to:

Department of Community Services Queensland abstract


Youth Justice Conferencing Practice Support Unit
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Last updated: 20 January 2014
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