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Road safety education in remote South Australian Indigenous communities



The South Australia Police (SAPOL) has pioneered a delivery model for road safety education to remote Indigenous Communities in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) lands in the remote north-west of South Australia which has been quite successful. The delivery model has required consultation with local communities and police in the APY lands, and entails SAPOL police officers travelling to the APY Lands and delivering education focused on local issues affecting the road toll. This includes visiting all the local schools, speaking on the local radio channels and presenting a road safety display at a local football carnival. Gavin Wanganeen, an AFL Football identity and hall of fame member was available as a personality to highlight these messages.

A major consideration was what the residual effect of these efforts would be once the police officers left the APY Lands, which was why in partnership with the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) a number of items with road safety messages were produced, including:

One of the other identified issues was that seatbelts were cut out from vehicles to be used as tow-ropes when vehicles broke down. The MAC supplied a number of tow ropes to the communities for use in these circumstances to reduce this practice and have seatbelts left in vehicles for their intended purpose.

A new policing model with fully trained police and community constables for the APY lands has been launched to provide safer communities in these areas to work towards better outcomes for the local people. This will include consideration of road safety committees to have local input into these problems.

Traffic Training and Promotion Section of the South Australia Police (SAPOL) and the South Australian Motor Accident Commission (MAC) have a Memorandum of Administrative Agreement to deliver Road Safety Awareness and Education to the South Australia public. Road safety education to remote Indigenous communities requires a different delivery approach than other communities.


Senior Sergeant Paul Warren
Traffic Training and Promotion Section
South Australia Police
Ph: (08) 8207 6587


Last updated: 25 November 2010
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