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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

All children being safe program



This program was developed following recognition by a NSW school principal for the need for a culturally appropriate protective behaviours program. With the collaborative efforts of Greenhill Public School, Greenhill Aboriginal community, NAPCAN, North Coast Area Health Services, Durri AMS, and Schools as Community Centres, Kempsey, the All children being safe program was born.

Aimed at children aged 5 - 8 years, the All children being safe program seeks to encourage children to feel strong and stay safe in their community by helping them to identify their strengths, build resilience, and introduce them to support services if they have experienced abuse. To ensure the appropriateness of the program, stories are used whereby animals and birds from the child's local environment feature as characters in the stories. The stories follow these bush animals as they experience a variety of unsafe situations and how they work together to make themselves safe. Music, dance, worksheets, and craft activities are also used to support the telling of the stories.

The All children being safe program is delivered over a six week period in a classroom environment. It is facilitated by teachers, health and community workers, and local Aboriginal elders. Information sessions are also held with the parents and carers of the participating children to inform them of the program and to elicit their support. While the program was developed in NSW, it can easily be implemented into other communities across the nation and will benefit both Indigenous and non-Indigenous children.


Angela Walsh
Ph: (02) 6584 4326


Last updated: 8 November 2013
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