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Multi-centre bronchiectasis study: a collaborative and international study of bronchiectasis in Indigenous children



The Menzies School of Health Research in collaboration with national and international research teams is involved in this project which examines bronchiectasis in Indigenous children. In Australia, team members will visit Indigenous communities in the central and top end regions of Australia.

There are two parts to the project. An observational study aims to define the natural history of bronchiectasis and chronic moist cough and then identify the risk factors associated with the progression of an early/mild disease to bronchiectasis. The second part of the project is an intervention study which will evaluate the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment, and antibiotic resistance.

The study will provide an evidence base to assist in the development of future policy initiatives to combat the rates of morbidity and mortality relating to chronic and recurring respiratory illnesses in Indigenous children.

Participation in the research will also hopefully contribute to the improvement of the health outcomes for the children as they will be part of appropriate diagnostic assessments, reviews and treatment plans.

Abstract adapted from the Lowitja Institute


Gabrielle McCallum

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Last updated: 26 February 2014
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