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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

The joy of movement



The joy of movement program seeks to promote physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing among young and adult women through the rhythms of music. The program is a movement and rhythm dance class that uses music, grounding, breathing, chanting, and hula hooping to encourage women to express their feelings using their body. The program is associated with many positive outcomes including: improvements in self-expression, particularly emotional expression; enhanced sense of self and self-esteem; raised energy levels; and greater body awareness.

The joy of movement program is part of Step Up Active Life (SUAL) - an organisation founded by Rose Genesio and based in Cairns. SUAL offers several programs that all incorporate life therapies through creative arts. The organisation has had much success working with children and adults in the Cairns region and those in isolated communities.


Step Up Active Life
48 Marshall Street
Machans Beach
Cairns QLD 4878
Mobile: 0419 708 767
Email: info@stepupactivelife.com.au


Last updated: 3 September 2013
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