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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

Western Australian healthy schools project (WAHSP)



The Western Australian healthy schools project (WAHSP) aims to increase participation rates in physical activity and increase the consumption of healthy food and drinks by school children.

Healthy Schools Coordinators will work with targeted schools to:

The project is initially targeting primary schools, focusing on schools with populations of students who are most at risk of poor health outcomes (e.g. schools with a high proportion of students from culturally and linguistically diverse, Indigenous and low socio-economic backgrounds). The secondary target group are those related to the primary target group:

An evaluation of the program was conducted in 2008-2010 and found:

The WAHSP has received funding until 2014/15 through the National partnership agreement on preventive health, healthy children initiative. The WAHSP will continue to work with schools with populations most at risk of poor health outcomes to increase physical activity and healthy eating in these communities.

Abstract adapted from Department of Health Western Australia


Department of Health Western Australia
James Stewart
Statewide Healthy School Coordinator
Child and Adolescent Community Health Policy (Statewide)
Ph: (08) 9224 1404


Last updated: 17 December 2013
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