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Lungurra ngoora services



Lungurra ngoora services, formerly the Looma aged and disabilty project, is based on research undertaken by the University of Western Australia (UWA) that examined the gaps in aged and disability services for Indigenous people in remote Western Australia (WA). Lungurra ngoora services provides culturally secure aged and disability services including:

Lungurra ngoora services is able to provide more effective and equitable remote service delivery to: the frail aged; people of all ages with disabilities and mental illness; and their caregivers, who are living in remote Aboriginal communities in WA. Lungurra ngoora services is supported by the Looma Community and provides services that are based on extensive research of community needs. The project is flexible enough to withstand the challenges often faced in remote communities.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract


Western Australian Centre for Health and Ageing
Level 6 Ainslie House
48 Murray Street
Perth WA 6000
Western Australia Centre for Health and Ageing (M573)
University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway
Crawley WA 6009
Ph: (08) 9224 2750
Fax: (08) 9224 8009

Related publications

Logiudice D, Smith K, Atkinson D, Carroll E, Schaper F, Shadforth G, Murphy R, Lautenschlager N, Flicker L (2012)

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Rural and Remote Health; 12: 2078

Retrieved 24 December 2012 from

This study explored the development and implementation of a locally designed community service model of care for older people, and people with disability and/or mental health problems in remote Aboriginal Australia.

Based on extensive community consultation with older people, families, carers, community members and stakeholders, a model of care was developed to address unmet needs for the target population and their carers in the remote community of Looma, in the Kimberley region of Australia. The model was implemented and evaluated over 12 months.

The Lungurra Ngoora community care service model pilot project demonstrated a successful collaborative service model that addressed the care needs of older persons, those with disability and mental illness, and their carers in this remote community. The developmental approach, and model structure, could serve as a template for future delivery of services in remote Aboriginal communities.

Abstract adapted from Rural and Remote Health

Evaluated publications

Murphy R (2010)

Lungurra Ngoora Community Care Service evaluation report.

Perth: Yarmintali Consultancy

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Broome, WA: Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council


Last updated: 17 December 2015
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