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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

Indigenous family violence offender program (IFVOP)



The Indigenous family violence offender program (IFVOP) has operated in the Northern Territory (NT) since 2005, and is currently funded under the Closing the Gap initiative, and delivered through the Community Corrections branch of the Department of Justice NT's Correctional Services division. The aim of IFVOP is to work with Aboriginal offenders to educate and provide alternative strategies for addressing issues which result in anger. IFVOP is deliverable in 20 communities in the NT, and has also been run in the APY Lands.

IFVOP is a 50 hour group program, delivered by local Aboriginal facilitators who are respected in their community. Participants are perpetrators of family violence who are on court orders to take part in the program. The program raises awareness about family violence and its impact on the offender, as well as their victims, families, and community as a whole. Other concepts addressed during the program include:

Abstract adapted from Department of Justice, NT


Indigenous family violence offender program (IFVOP)
Ph: (08) 8939 0118

Department of Justice
GPO Box 1722
Darwin NT 0801
Ph: (08) 8935 7777
Fax: (08) 8935 7779

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Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

The Indigenous family violence offender program: NT Community Corrections (2009)

Indigenous Family Violence Offender Program


Last updated: 21 May 2014
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