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Hepatitis C awareness workshop



The Hepatitis C awareness workshop was developed to generate awareness about hepatitis C among Anangu prisoners at Port Augusta Prison in South Australia. The workshops evolved out of concern for the prevalence of intravenous drug use and equipment sharing among prisoners and requests put forth from Anangu men in the prison to have access to a culturally appropriate "health business" workshop.

The development of the program was a collaborative effort and the aim was to enhance the men's knowledge about hepatitis C and safer practices with the vision that such information would be passed on to the prisoners' home communities upon their release from prison.

The program involved five components with the first component consisting of a hepatitis C survey to gauge the men's knowledge of hepatitis C. The survey included 12 statements about hepatitis C which were placed on an overhead and read out by a health promotion officer. The statements were read out in a mixture of English and Pitjantjatjara (local language) and the men responded by agreeing or disagreeing with the statements.

The second component of the program included a card game where the men had to identify the level of risk associated with different modes of transmission. The third component involved information dissemination about hepatitis using overheads, visuals, and demonstrations. A video called 'Fume' comprised the fourth component of the program and the final component was a cook-up. During the cook-up a number of Anangu men provided the facilitators with feedback and asked questions.

At the time of its commencement in October 2000, the Hepatitis C awareness program ran every four months to cater for the turnover of Anangu prisoners who were generally serving short prison sentences. The program also expanded and was implemented into other prisons.

Related publications

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Hepatitis C awareness workshop at Port Augusta prison for Indigenous inmates.

Paper presented at the Best Practice Interventions in Corrections for Indigenous People. 8-9 October 2001, Sydney


Last updated: 19 August 2010
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