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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

Clontarf football academy



The Clontarf Foundation is a not for profit organisation whose aim is to help improve the health, employment, education and life skills of Australia's teenaged male Indigenous population.

The Foundation believes that failure to experience achievement when young, coupled with a position of under privilege can lead to alienation, anger and thence to more serious consequences. As a prelude to tackling these and other issues, participants are first provided with an opportunity to succeed and hence to raise their self esteem. The vehicle for achieving this outcome is Australian Rules Football.

The Foundation's programs are delivered through a network of 36 academies, in WA, NT and Victoria, each of which operates in partnership (but independent of) a school or college. Football is used to attract teenaged Aboriginal men to school and then keep them there. In order to remain in the program, participants must continue to work at school and embrace the objectives of the Foundation. As well as delivering a football program, Academy staff (many of whom are ex- AFL players), act as mentors and trainers who address many of the negatives impacting on participants' lives.

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The Clontarf Foundation
Central Administration
McKay St
Bentley WA 6102
PO Box 517
Victoria Park WA 6979
Ph: (08) 9356 2500
Fax: (08) 9356 2555


Last updated: 12 September 2014
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