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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

Plumbing health check program



The Plumbing health check program, an initiative of Fair Trading New South Wales (NSW), provided annual plumbing health checks for Indigenous housing providers and their tenants living in rural and remote locations in NSW.

The program was designed for remote Indigenous communities with limited access to tradespeople.

The program aimed to provide local communities with a better understanding of the use and operation of the plumbing and drainage systems in their home, and assisted communities to identify basic signs indicating system failure, blocked drains and leaking water mains. The program also emphasised the importance of engaging licensed contracters, and the impacts of flushing chemicals into the system, planting over sewer and stormwater lines and altering or interfering with existing drainage. Information about appropriate use of drinking water supplies, backflow prevention to prevent contamination and identifying water conservation opportunities were also covered.

The program was introduced as a means of minimising potentially expensive repairs, reducing environmental impacts, and creating healthier communities for Indigenous residents.

Abstract adapted from Fair Trading NSW


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Last updated: 1 July 2015
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