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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

Development of the 'stay strong' iPad



This project aims to develop and trial a structured mental health and alcohol and other drug use intervention using Indigenous specific content and imagery in a computerised (i.e. iPad application) format. The application (app) will assist therapists to deliver a structured, evidence based, and culturally appropriate intervention to their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.

The project will adapt the existing Aboriginal and Islander mental health initiative (AIMHI) stay strong care plan to create an accessible and visually appealing iPad app that is simple, intuitive and suitable for clinician supported delivery.

The developed app will contain a number of steps and aims to help clients examine their lives and the impact of their substance use or mental health upon aspects such as relationships, health, work and future goals.

Individuals are asked to:

Once developed, the app will be trialled with mental health, substance use and other health service providers.

Abstract adapted from Menzies School of Health Research


Associate Professor Tricia Nagel
Menzies School of Health Research
Ph: (08) 8922 8196 (reception)
Fax: (08) 8927 5187


Last updated: 22 September 2014
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