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Aboriginal knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of respiratory illness



The burden of chronic lung disease in Queensland's Aboriginal population is significantly higher than non-Indigenous Queenslanders, for all age groups and areas of the state. There is a considerable lack of services, programs, resources, and research that address this issue in a culturally appropriate manner, and incorporate the Indigenous perspective.

In July 2011, Queensland Health launched the Indigenous respiratory outreach care (IROC) program, an initiative of the Statewide Respiratory Clinical Network. IROC aims to increase access to specialised respiratory services for Aboriginal rural and remote Queensland communities, raise awareness of respiratory illnesses, signs and symptoms, and enhance community capacity in respiratory diseases.

This study aims to:

By evaluating the delivery of IROC to rural and remote Aboriginal Queensland communities the study aims to gain an understanding of Aboriginal peoples knowledge, attitudes, and perception of respiratory health thereby, defining what is respiratory health to Aboriginal people with the objective of improved respiratory health services, resources, and respiratory health outcomes.

Abstract adapted from Queensland Children's Medical Research Institute


Queensland Children's Medical Research Institute
Level 4, Foundation Building
Royal Children's Hospital
Herston Road
Herston Qld 4029
Ph: (07) 3636 1265

Related publications

Indigenous Respiratory Outreach Care Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources (2014)

Indigenous Respiratory Outreach Care Program

This brochure and poster aim to raise awareness of the respiratory health services offered to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in Queensland by the Indigenous Respiratory Outreach Care (IROC) team. These services include lung health checks and referrals to other health professionals. IROC is also involved in health promotion, education and training, research and community engagement and partnerships.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

Medlin LG, Chang AB, Fong K, Jackson R, Bishop P, Dent A, Hill DC, Vincent S, O'Grady KAF (2014)

Indigenous Respiratory Outreach Care: the first 18 months of a specialist respiratory outreach service to rural and remote Indigenous communities in Queensland, Australia.

Australian Health Review; 38(4): 447-453


Last updated: 30 September 2014
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