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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

Aboriginal remote telehealth (ART) pilot trial



This Aboriginal remote telehealth (ART) pilot trial program has been running since July 2011 and aims to investigate the use of telehealth remote monitoring of chronic disease to improve the health status of people living in remote corners of Western Australia. The Silver Chain research unit commenced the pilot trial to explore the potential benefits of remote monitoring using this technology for Aboriginal people living in Carnarvon. Benefits of the telehealth services include:

Ten Silver Chain clients were chosen because they regularly attended the service centre for breakfast and personal care and had multiple co-morbidities including:

During these visits, care aides help clients to take their own vital sign measurements and enter them on to the telehealth equipment, and the measurements are then uploaded to a secure website for a nurse to monitor. If any indications of an exacerbation are identified, further action is implemented. Actions include home visits, consultation with the client's general practitioner (GP) or a request that the care aide assist the client to visit their GP. Any interventions are recorded on the client's monitoring website and clinical notes.

The monitoring system has been recognised by both nurses and care aides as a positive step forward in assisting clients to manage their own health.

The program is currently undergoing evaluation.

Abstract adapted from the Primary Healthcare Research and Information Service


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Last updated: 4 September 2014
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