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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

Got suga



Got suga is a one day workshop that provides culturally appropriate education, through role plays and storytelling, about the impact of the world's fastest growing chronic disease - type 2 diabetes - on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Diabetes Queensland is working hard to bridge the gap and enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in local communities to understand type 2 diabetes, prevent it in others and to receive the necessary skills to manage their condition for the long-term.

Got suga empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to reduce the complications of diabetes, to lead a healthier lifestyle personally, and to educate their family and friends about how to stay healthy too.

The theatre-based program gives participants the confidence to tackle issues such as diabetes by experiencing them via role play. The interactive element helps people discover solutions to their personal and community problems.

Abstract adapted from Diabetes Queensland


Diabetes Queensland
29 Finchley Street
Milton Qld 4064
GPO Box 9824
Brisbane Qld 4001
Ph: 1300 136 588
Fax: (08) 3506 0909


Last updated: 29 July 2015
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