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Juvenile justice teams (JJTs)



Juvenile justice teams (JJTs) are an alternative way to handle young people who have committed an offence or may be in the early stages of offending. JJTs encourage young people to take responsibility for their actions and divert them from the courts. The program aims to show young offenders the consequences of their actions, as well as provide a forum for self reflection where they can assess the reasons for their behaviour, and ensure no future contact with the law.

JJTs arrange meetings with the young person, their families, victims and police to designs an action plan that outlines how the young person can make up for their offence. These meetings can involve the participation of an appropriate Indigenous representative (where relevant). If a young person successfully completes the action plan they will not receive a criminal record.

JJTs may also offer a court conferencing service for young people with more serious offending backgrounds to encourage them to start an action plan before being sentenced to show their willingness and ability to change their behaviour. Referrals to court conferencing are only made by the children's court and there usually needs to be a known victim willing to participate in the process.

Referrals to Juvenile justice teams are generated by police or the children's court.

Department of Corrective Services, Western Australia, abstract


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Last updated: 27 August 2015
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