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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

Cherbourg Enterprises market gardens initiative



Cherbourg Enterprises was established by the Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council to create real revenue and a stronger role in the economy for the surrounding region.

The Cherbourg Enterprises market garden initiative produced a wide variety of vegetables for local consumption, with trials identifying five crops that were especially well suited to local conditions: shallots, parsley, chillies, silver beet and lettuce. These were being grown in commercial quantities and sold under the brand name Cherbourg Fresh.

This retail outlet employed 11 full-time staff, offered a home delivery service and supplied regional clubs, wineries, restaurants and food outlets. Cherbourg Fresh also ran cooking demonstrations, diabetes awareness and healthy eating programs.

The market garden is no longer operational, however Cherbourg Enterprises hope to restart it later in 2015.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract


Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council
22 Barambah Avenue
Cherbourg QLD 4605
Ph: (07) 4168 1866
Fax: (07) 4168 2727
Email: ceo@cherbourg.qld.gov.au


Last updated: 19 May 2015
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