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Healing program



The Healing program is an Aboriginal initiative in Victoria that aims to help break the cycle of addiction and despair by combining Aboriginal spirituality with conventional treatment. The program is run by the Western Suburbs Indigenous Gathering Place Association, and is a partnership between Western medicine and Aboriginal culture.

Men and women family circles are central to the program. Participants connect with their Aboriginality, their spirituality, and speak openly about the issues that have seen them jailed, alienated from friends and family, and turned to substance use or addiction. They learn their history, cultural practices, including painting, dance and craft, and benefit from the shared wisdom in the group. At the same time the program connects people with conventional medical services, counsellors, literacy courses, and other services to help participants become employable.

Abstract adapted from The Age


Western Suburbs Indigenous Gathering Place Association
200 Rosamond Road
Maribyrnong Vic 3032
PO Box 296
Braybrook North Vic 3019
Ph: (03) 9318 7855
Fax: (03) 9318 7866


Last updated: 26 March 2015
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