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Gomeroi Gaaynggal – Gomeroi Babies Program



The Gomeroi Gaaynggal (babies from Gomeroi lands) program works in partnership with Aboriginal women in New South Wales during their pregnancy and after delivery to improve health outcomes, and the understanding of issues that impact on their health and the future health of their children.

The program is conducted in two parts - a scientific research program and an ArtsHealth program.

The scientific research part of the program focuses on understanding the causes of premature birth and the births of small babies and babies with reduced renal function in the Indigenous community. The ArtsHealth component provides a welcoming environment at the health centre for expectant mothers and their families, including an art studio.

In the studio mothers work on their art and at the same time talk to health practitioners about health issues including nutrition, diet and exercise. Older mothers also have the opportunity to pass on knowledge to the younger mothers.

The program works in partnership with the Aboriginal communities of Tamworth and Walgett.

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Dr Kym Rae
Project Coordinator
Gomeroi gaaynggal Centre
2, 1 Hinkler Street
Tamworth NSW 2340
Mobile: 0431 379 872

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Last updated: 11 August 2016
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