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Elective Surgery Waitlist (ESWL) Resources Project



Under stage two of the Elective surgery waiting list reduction plan 2008, the Australian Government provided funds to the Northern Territory (NT) for development of educational resources to improve access and uptake of elective surgery.

The NT Department of Health agreed to develop communication tools to assist Indigenous Territorians understand the elective surgery process and improve timely access to surgical services. An Aboriginal Liaison Officer undertook outreach visits to remote Aboriginal communities with the highest 'no show' rate to determine barriers and enabling factors for Indigenous people needing to access elective surgery.

Three key components were identified as gaps and these were:

  1. promotional material about the mechanism of elective surgery
  2. communication about the elective surgery process
  3. information about being in hospital.

A discussion paper was developed based on the information collected from the community visits and resources were developed based on those findings. The resources were bundled as a kit, and 200 kits were developed. Each kit included:

The Elective Surgery Waitlist (ESWL) Resources Project intended that patients would:

The ESWL project intended that health care providers would:

The 10 Indigenous languages that the Waiting - going to hospital - coming home strong DVD was produced in are:

A project plan was developed to oversee the implementation of the ESWL resources to ensure thorough distribution throughout the five NT hospitals, as well as the remote sector including Aboriginal Medical Services and health boards. The plan included information on:

Abstract adapted from NT Department of Health


Jaysin Jones
Manager Interactive Communications and Development Unit
Northern Territory Department of Health
Level 2, 87 Mitchell Street
Darwin NT 0800
PO Box 40596
Casuarina NT 0811
Ph: (08) 8999 2453
Fax: (08) 8999 2417

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Elective surgery waitlist resource kit (2011)

Northern Territory Department of Health

This resource kit is intended to improve access and uptake of elective surgery among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, particularly those in the Northern Territory (NT). The kit was produced by the NT Department of Health with funding from the Australian Government under stage two of the Elective surgery waiting list reduction plan 2008.

This kit can be used to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients to:

The kit can also be used to help health care providers to:

Each kit contains:

The patient DVDs are produced in English and 10 Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander languages.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract


Last updated: 12 January 2018
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