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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

Tackling Indigenous smoking



This national programme aims to reduce smoking as the most preventable cause of ill health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. A redesigned programme is being introduced in 2015–2016 with an emphasis on flexible approaches for regional tobacco control. Grant funding will be provided for regional activities that will reduce the number of people taking up smoking and encourage and support people to quit.

Funding will be provided for:

Service providers will make decisions on how they tackle smoking in their region. New intensive tobacco control approaches will also be trialled through a number of pilot projects in communities with very high rates of smoking. Funding will continue for enhancements to quit lines and training for frontline health and community workers who help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smokers.

An Evaluation and monitoring framework will facilitate assessment of programme progress against performance indicators, and provide the basis for a full programme evaluation by 2018.

The Tackling Indigenous smoking programme is managed by the Preventative Health Section within the Indigenous Health Division, Commonwealth Department of Health.

Abstract adapted from Department of Health and Ageing


Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS)
Preventative Health Section
Health Programmes and Sector Development Branch
Indigenous Health Division
Department of Health

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National action to reduce Indigenous smoking rates (2010)

Closing the Gap – Indigenous Chronic Disease Department of Health and Ageing

This factsheet provides information on the Tackling Indigenous smoking measure, a national action to reduce Indigenous smoking rates in Australia. The factsheet focuses on:

Abstract adapted from Department of Health and Ageing

National tobacco campaign - break the chain (2011)

Department of Health and Ageing

The Break the chain campaign aims to contribute to halving the smoking rate for Indigenous Australians. This resource package has been produced by the Department of Health and is aimed at Indigenous smokers in order to increase awareness of the health impacts of smoking. The campaign will support quit attempts amongst smokers and promote strategies to avoid relapse among quitters. The package contains:

Abstact adapted from Department of Health & Ageing

Calma T (2011)

Tackling Indigenous smoking.

Of Substance; 9(2): 28-29


Last updated: 26 October 2015
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