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Good Tucker - Good Health: National Nutrition Networks Conference '08



The Nutrition Networks conference is administered by the National Rural Health Alliance and is supported by the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nutrition Strategy and Action Plan (NATSINSAP) 2000 - 2010. Nutrition Networks' conferences have a significant past and strong focus on nutrition issues and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people involved with food and nutrition programs.

The aims of the 2008 conference:


The Nutrition Networks Organising Committee has collated a set of over 80 recommendations from delegates at the conference. This information provides a useful overview of people's thinking on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nutrition. The recommendations came from several sources: from the authors of the papers presented at the conference in concurrent sessions, from Keynote addresses, from opinions expressed in concurrent sessions, and from groups of concerned delegates and theme-based concurrent workshops. Recommendations have been grouped according to content into overarching guiding principles or key themes consistent with priority areas of the NATSINSAP. In some cases of 'double up', the recommendations have been summarised and condensed for ease of readability. The Conference Recommendations Committee has continued to meet to develop a set of priority recommendations and aims to further progress these.


In June 2008, the Conference Management Committee released the conference evaluation report. The findings and recommendations in the report are based on feedback from the Conference Management Committee, the Conference Recommendations Committee, and from the conference delegates who completed the evaluation questionnaires.

HealthInfoNet Cafe

Around 200 people from around Australia attended the conference in Alice Springs. Keynote presentations were delivered by Tom Calma, Olga Havnen, Michelle Elwell and Dympna Leonard. Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet director Neil Thomson ran a HealthInfoNet cafe at the conference.

Leonie Cook Tanya Stiles, Liz Kyle and Dawn Charteris
More information about the HealthInfoNet cafes


Sharon Laurence
ph: (03) 9321 1566
or Judith Myers
ph: (03) 9321 1529

The National Rural Health Alliance
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Last updated: 23 May 2011
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